Tuesday, 25 September 2012

At the Heart of the Candy Woodland….

Sorry about the delay… This weekend was a little busy, and you know how it is. When one thing gets delayed, EVERYTHING get delayed!
Ah well.
Here’s this weekend treasury At the Heart of the Candy Woodland
At The Heart of the Candy Woodland
I love Autumn, even more so kawaii style. I chose the colours to reflect all the different colour leaves you find in autumn and fantastic autumn wear. I felt a woodland theme would pull this off perfectly. Let me know what you think :)
I’ve also listed some of my Christmas stuff to my Etsy shop as well as working on some new Christmas designs. I’ll be launching them soon.
Rudolf the red nose reindeer necklace
My facebook pages 4th anniversary is fast approaching, so I’m thinking of doing something super special Maybe a giveaway?? I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Please pop along, like and say”hi” :) https://www.facebook.com/ninefruitspiejewelleryandaccessories

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello Autumn

Where to begin? I suppose if I start with the treasury I can go from there.
I couldn’t resist making this treasury all about hedgehogs!
A Prickly Customer… The Hedgehog
I have so many fond hedgehog memories, especially being a child. I used to stop over at my Nan’s as a child and she would often have hedgehogs in her back garden. We also used to get them in our back garden, but our dog would get a little excited by them.. she would follow them around trying to sniff them. But they had a lovely little hiding place under the shed.
Unfortunately, hedgehogs no longer visit us. But they sometimes appear near to where my boyfriend lives, I get so excited, I’m like a little kid again.
Something else that was exciting this week was out Autumn Craft fair. After months of organising, stressing and advertising it was finally here. It was a super day too! we all really enjoyed it. We had some fab stalls, but very little time to go around and take pictures. it really was non stop.
But it would be great if you could check out their pages on Facebook or Etsy shops. So here are the links to the ones that have links.
I’ll try to post the others when I find the links :)
They’re all wonderful pages..
I added a few more items to my Etsy shop last week
Raspberry Lime Pie – Pink and Green Button Charm Necklace with Pie Charms – £7.00
Autumn Sunshine – Chunky Button Bracelet in Yellows and Oranges – £7.50
And this week I’m getting started on my secret project as well as drawing up my Christmas designs! It’s all go!! Are you doing anything exciting this week? Or have you seen any cute hedgehogs? I’d love to know :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dizzy About Autumn

I am so excited! Autumn is so close and I love it!!
Autumn has always been pretty awesome though, Crunching leaves, Collecting conkers, Puddle splashing (although I think there’s been a fair bit of that this summer too), Wooly jumpers and scarves come out. Autumn is very…. Cosy!!
But we’re at that bit just before Autumn really kicks in, Summer weather is usually pretty nice in September.. We have those REALLY hot days, and the odd chilly ones, but you begin to see the leaves turning and falling already.
September reminds me of starting back to school, and playing on the playground near the sycamore tree, where on the ground we’d find ‘helicopters’! Of course they weren’t real helicopters, but sycamore seeds. My friends and I would collect them up, and with a collective “1, 2, 3!” throw them in the air, and then watch mesmerised as they spun to the ground… and then we’d do it all again!
I couldn’t resist but base this weeks treasury somewhat on those experiences, so I created “Dizzy!“. The treasury full of things that ‘spin’, including some beautiful artwork featuring sycamore and maple seeds. I hope you like it.

Dizzy! Etsy Treasury
It’s not just Autumn I have been getting excited about this week. Having spent some time working through my business plan, I have spent a lot of time looking at marketing strategies, SWOT, USP’s and all sorts of other stuff. I can’t believe how much I hadn’t even considered about my business, and I have found it challenging to say the least.
Anyway, trying not to fall to far off topic, marketing strategies really got me thinking about how much (or how little) I actually do.  I have the business cards, the car magnet, postcards, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, blogs, and I attend craft fairs, but I spend little time networking and approaching businesses. I decided to do something about it! I joined LinkedIn.. I have no idea what I’m doing on there, so I’m kind of winging it at the minute.
I also realised I needed to make the most of my creativity when marketing my business. So I have decided to work on some designs for corporate business cards, ready for when I’m networking. I have A LOT of hard work coming up and I want to make the most of it! I’m not going to divulge too much info on it though, that would spoil the surprise. I did some searching for inspiration and found some really fun business card idea’s. The ones below were my favourites.

Ninja Business Cards

Toxic Puppy Business Cards

Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement Business Cards

Jay Kwong Business Cards
Ok that’s just a small handful of the ones I liked, but search for inventive Business cards in a search engine and you can find some really good ones :)
That’s about it from me today, but I will let you know I am planning a super secret tutorial, so watch out over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Love Clutter

Clutter is GREAT!!!
Those amazing little trinkets and finds that leave an imprint on your heart and fond memories to think back on.
Old or New, It’s what makes your house a home. They fill your shelves, cupboards and drawers.
Just Lovely!!
I thoroughly enjoyed putting this treasury together. I hope you like it too.
I Love Clutter Etsy Treasury
I have so much clutter… I’m not sure exactly what I have the most of, though I have a LOT of cuddly toys and I love them.
What is your favourite piece of clutter?