Sunday, 13 November 2011

And Relax...! For now anyway ;)

And Relax….! I must admit, Sunday night tend to be rather nice for relaxing and having a good gander on the net. Over all a brill chance for me to catch up with blogging. It’s been a busy week again, but so exciting too! I now have tan colour hamsters… :D and I’ve been catching up with shrink plastic orders as well as creating new pieces! This week I should be making some necklaces AND bracelets too! Here are some of the new designs…
Sweet Little Hamsters Earrings - Tan ♥
Toad Stools Before

Lily Lionhead
There are some more too, but I’ll leave them for another time… I spent a long time drawing up the designs to make sure I got them just right and got the look I wanted them to have. I have cats too and if you head to my facebook page you can check some more of the designs out… Next to come is guinea pigs.. My rough copy is ready to go!
I’ve also been making up more button bracelets and adding them to my FOLKSY SHOP!! So be sure to check them out!
Every week I make an Etsy Treasury to share some lovely makes that are out there!!  This weeks theme was ‘Deer’.. Mainly focusing on cute Bambi style deer (I’m saving the reindeer one for a few weeks)… I LOVE animals anyway and woodland creatures are up there at the top… I could do lots of treasuries each week on them… But here is this weeks treasury… ‘Oh! Deer! What can the matter be?
Now I’m spending time drooling over fabric.. I need to stock up ready for making dresses! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a great week to come.. I have a Craft Fair next weekend. Not just any weekend though, Me and My Mum have organised it!! *Eeeeek* So this week will be a mad one, but all good fun! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Monday, 7 November 2011

I Did It!!!!

WELL!!! Where do I start? I suppose I should begin with my mega achievement…. I made my dress!!!! Very pleased.. I did have a fair bit of help from my Mum (who is a marvelous seamstress by the way). And here it is…
My Christmas Dress
I used a Riley Blake fabric called Christmas Candy, designed by Doodlebug Design inc. I aimed for cute and simple style dress and me and mum worked on the pattern together to make sure it was right. I was even brave enough to add darts *eeeek!!* I was so nervous about sewing it together, but when I got going, I really enjoyed it. My mum added my pockets for me, made from a cute stripe fabric, with hearts, ricrac and a cute blanket stitch detail…. ♥
The Pockets...

My Mum also did the neck and arm bias binding so I had a good idea how to do it.  Then I had a go at the bottom ‘hem’ (not quite a hem with it being binding)… and followed it by adding red and pink ricrac. I think it has a super cute look to it.. and yes I kind of went a little off course, BUT considering it was my very first attempt, I think I did alright! ;)
The bottom 'hem' ;)

I will be attempting another dress with another really cute fabric.  It’s called Appleville.. Designed by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman.  I can already picture it done.. I’ll aim for a similar style dress to the other, but will attempt the lot by myself…. Maybe??!! Haha!
Appleville Fabric.... CUTE!!! ♥

I must also share about my new purchase… They’re super cute and adorable and a little old fashioned… I bought Bloomers!!! I know, a little mad but VERY me!!! Bought from a lovely Etsy shop called Icing Sugar (decorarockstar) They arrived super quick and packaged really lovely too! I wore them to the Craft fayre we were at on Saturday underneath my Christmas dress, over some brown tights… and they did look sweet! Hopefully when I get to wear the outfit again, I’ll get some decent pictures :) … Anyway, Here’s a pic of the bloomers…
BLOOMERS!!!!!! ♥

Seeing as my Mum helped me so much with my dress, I really think you should head over to my Mum’s Facebook page… It’s Bloomin’ Myrtle …. You will LOVE it… She’s a brilliant sewer and my inspiration. She’s got some fab new Christmas stuff coming soon too :)
I’ll leave you with my Etsy Treasury ~ Watch the pretties….♥
Enjoy ♥

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Talk about a mad few weeks… I thought my life was pretty hectic before, but for some reason the last few weeks kinda ran away with my time!But I have some time back now and I’m as busy as ever. But I think I should put some order in place to my post or we’re all going to get lost.
I think I’ll start with the Facebook Fan page and my Webshop Birthdays… My fan page has been going for 3 years now and my webshop 1 year. It’s VERY exciting! I had a little bit of a celebration offering a special Birthday code in my etsy shop. Although that has finish now I am working on something special and important. I’ll get to that soon.
That kind of leads on to TREASURiES!!!!
Not only have I been creating some super cute treasuries, but I’ve been featured in a couple… The links to Which are below.. Please go check them out, leave a comment or investigate the items even more closely.. they’re GREAT!!
It’s My Birthday… CELEBRATE (Special Birthday treasury for Fan page and webshop)
Another Sunny Day
Every Cloud has a Gold Lining… (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day – Get Well Soon! … (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day …(one I’m featured in)
Talk about busy… I have also been working on some more Christmas things and have something super cute… The RAiNBOW GLiTTER CHRiSTMAS TREE!!! I am very excited by this… and although the picture is ok, it really doesn’t show just how glittery it is. It’s a little bit bigger than my other trees too. I’ve varnished it to protect the colour and the glitter and to give it a high gloss smooth finish.. ♥
Rainbow Glitter Christmas Tree

I also have some Christmas plushies done too.. but you can visit my fan page to see those.. the link is at the top of the page ;)
AND… To keep with the Christmas theme… I have my Christmas dress cut out and ready to sew…. very excited… I should be sewing it together on Thursday morning, ready for the 1st Christmas craft Fair of the season this Saturday. I’ll have pictures from the fair… I hope!
BLIMEY!!! Out of breath now..!! Maybe I won’t leave it so long next time and bring more bite size chunks eh?
I’ll leave you with this and a Happy November 1st!!!
Borrowed from the internet ♥