Monday, 19 March 2012

Raindrops, Sunshine and a twist of Rainbow

What I love about spring is the real ‘mish~mash’ of weather we get here in the UK.
OK! So it can be a little annoying when trying to decide what to wear, but it’s just really inspiring when you get to think about it. Rain one minute, bright sunshine the next, even the possibility of snow too! It’s kind of like the rollercoaster of life in a way; up one minute, down the next…
But you can guarantee with such a ‘mish~mash’ of weather you will also find rainbows.. It’s reassuring to know you’ll find them in life too. Even when things seem dark, grey and rather stormy. It can be all too easy to convince yourself that life will always be that way. That nothing good will ever come of it. BUT… There is always a rainbow.. We just sometimes miss it or forget that it’s there. It could be that we need a whole new look on life, we’re more grateful for what we have or that we need to CHANGE in a big way. It might not be easy, but things that are worth it are never easy.
Anyway, while I was thinking about it I thought it would be fun to create an Etsy Treasury to reflect it a little bit.. Here’s my treasury ~ Raindrops, Sunshine and a Twist of Rainbow
I also made a special Mothering Sunday Treasury ~ I ♥ My Mum
So, what else have I been doing? Well I’ve been working on a few new ranges ready for this spring/summer. This ‘Pear Blossom’ Range is just one of them. Hope you like…
Pear Blossom Earrings
Pear Blossom Necklace
Pear Blossom Bracelet

These should be available in my Etsy, Folksy and Webshop in the next week or so. So keep your eyes peeled.
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Sunday, 11 March 2012

From Tiny Acorns...

… Mighty Oak Trees Grow!
Great things can come from small beginnings, it just needs nurture, discipline and a lot of LOVE
This is something I have really come to learn over the last few years. We started organising small local craft fairs almost 3 years ago and we had one of them yesterday. It’s amazing looking back at when we first started really and how it’s grown and developed over the past 3 years.
When we started, there were no other regular and local craft fairs. They were expensive to have a stall, they were expensive to get in to. We knew that something needed to be done to change this, but we really weren’t sure how it would all pan out. We just had a lot of FAITH that it would work out.
Our very first craft fair went. We didn’t have that many stalls, struggling to fill them and not a huge amount of people through the doors. But, as a first attempt and remembering that this was something new to the area, it was a very positive response.
Over the years we’ve gone from struggling to fill the stalls to being over run with requests turning a lot of people down and with a lot more people through the doors
We’ve had a lot of rethinking to do the over all organisation of the craft fairs. But it’s only growing stronger. This weekend we were over whelmed with support from local people and compliments at how LOVELY it is to come along.
BUT organising even a small craft fair comes with a lot of hard work.. We take posters and leaflets to the shops and businesses of 3 towns (Which uses around 2-3 reams of paper). Send out leaflets and info packs to stall holders and Churches in the local area. This is just a few of the jobs that are involved with organising a craft fair. Love the work, be patient and tenacious and it will be successful, it may take a while.
After spending the last couple of months evaluating the GROWTH of the craft fairs, it spurred me on to evaluate how I could put this sort of ‘growing‘ action in to my own life, not realising I had already started. I’m not going to go into too much detail though, I’ve save that for another time :)
I thought I’d take 5 minutes to make a couple of lists. I grabbed this off a friends page, and it’s a really good way to think about how you want to grow.
Make a list of 5 things you want to be known as/for; & a list of 5 things you want to achieve.
I want to be known for:
1. Keeping the FAITH and always being hopeful despite things looking bleak.
2. My wardrobe never being tied down to one style (I wear what I like).
3. Being a little bit wacky.
4. Always willing to be there and be the hug and ear that helps people along that extra little bit.
5. Creativity.
Things I want to achieve:
1. To grow in FAITH and encourage others to do the same
2. Being Much More organised.. (it’s getting there)
3. To become an accomplished ‘sewer’ making clothes on a more regular basis
4. To learn how to cope better in stressful situations and still putting the effort in 100%
5. Have my own fully fledged business making jewellery.
I’ve been inspired to put the same amount of effort and faith into the things I want to achieve as I do with organising the craft fairs. It Works! I also Made a little treasury ‘From Tiny Acorns…
Matthew 17:20. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…Nothing will be impossible for you.”
Great things can come from small beginnings, it just needs nurture, discipline and a lot of LOVE

Sunday, 4 March 2012

NiNEFRUiTSPiE's Flickr photostream

The sky from my windowMemo Boardletter rack and desk tidy.. Making my life easierstorage boxes, in the process of being sorted and labelled!!Blighty Button Charm BraceletsMy New Buttons
Especially pretty onesLilac mix of Buttonsdusk braceletpink and starryhow does your garden growrainbow button bracelet

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello Spring

It almost seems like spring has come early, although it’s only the beginning of March. The last few weeks have been rather busy for me. I’ve been settling in to my new job, creating new ideas and having some MAJOR de~cluttering sessions with my room. It’s still not complete, but it’s really taking shape which is the main thing.
My main aim is to get organised! Me and that word have never gone together very well before, but I am determined to make a more permanent bond with it. I don’t want to be over organised though as I am far too spontaneous for that and I like to do a lot of things on the spur of the moment. I’d just like to get organised enough so getting normal everyday stuff done is the easy bit..
To spur me on I made this “Time To Get Organised!!!” Treasury… I hope you like it as much as what I enjoyed creating it.
Anyway I’ve made a start… it’s nowhere near complete yet and there is still a lot of ‘stuff’ hanging around that needs sorting, but it’s a BIG improvement on what it was :)

New purple letter rack and my new vivid pink and orange desk tidy.. I can't believe how much they've helped organise me already. 

Storage boxes.. these are only part of the way to being organised. that's why it's still quite messy, but im getting round to labelling them too :)
Besides getting organised I’ve been getting creative too!! I have a stack of new pretty buttons to play with and although the Jubilee is in June. I thought I’d get some designs in early. My first design is this ‘Blighty‘ bracelet. These along with matching earrings and necklaces should be available online this weekend.

Blighty Bracelet
I also have a few other designs under way, some for the Jubilee and some for the spring, they should be previewing over the next month.
Although there’s probably plenty more to tell you. I am having a ‘la-la’ moment and can’t remember what it was.. I’m even struggling to remember how to spell! So I best leave you with this ‘Sweet Green Grass‘ Treasury.. so you can also say “Hello Spring!!