Sunday, 13 November 2011

And Relax...! For now anyway ;)

And Relax….! I must admit, Sunday night tend to be rather nice for relaxing and having a good gander on the net. Over all a brill chance for me to catch up with blogging. It’s been a busy week again, but so exciting too! I now have tan colour hamsters… :D and I’ve been catching up with shrink plastic orders as well as creating new pieces! This week I should be making some necklaces AND bracelets too! Here are some of the new designs…
Sweet Little Hamsters Earrings - Tan ♥
Toad Stools Before

Lily Lionhead
There are some more too, but I’ll leave them for another time… I spent a long time drawing up the designs to make sure I got them just right and got the look I wanted them to have. I have cats too and if you head to my facebook page you can check some more of the designs out… Next to come is guinea pigs.. My rough copy is ready to go!
I’ve also been making up more button bracelets and adding them to my FOLKSY SHOP!! So be sure to check them out!
Every week I make an Etsy Treasury to share some lovely makes that are out there!!  This weeks theme was ‘Deer’.. Mainly focusing on cute Bambi style deer (I’m saving the reindeer one for a few weeks)… I LOVE animals anyway and woodland creatures are up there at the top… I could do lots of treasuries each week on them… But here is this weeks treasury… ‘Oh! Deer! What can the matter be?
Now I’m spending time drooling over fabric.. I need to stock up ready for making dresses! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a great week to come.. I have a Craft Fair next weekend. Not just any weekend though, Me and My Mum have organised it!! *Eeeeek* So this week will be a mad one, but all good fun! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Monday, 7 November 2011

I Did It!!!!

WELL!!! Where do I start? I suppose I should begin with my mega achievement…. I made my dress!!!! Very pleased.. I did have a fair bit of help from my Mum (who is a marvelous seamstress by the way). And here it is…
My Christmas Dress
I used a Riley Blake fabric called Christmas Candy, designed by Doodlebug Design inc. I aimed for cute and simple style dress and me and mum worked on the pattern together to make sure it was right. I was even brave enough to add darts *eeeek!!* I was so nervous about sewing it together, but when I got going, I really enjoyed it. My mum added my pockets for me, made from a cute stripe fabric, with hearts, ricrac and a cute blanket stitch detail…. ♥
The Pockets...

My Mum also did the neck and arm bias binding so I had a good idea how to do it.  Then I had a go at the bottom ‘hem’ (not quite a hem with it being binding)… and followed it by adding red and pink ricrac. I think it has a super cute look to it.. and yes I kind of went a little off course, BUT considering it was my very first attempt, I think I did alright! ;)
The bottom 'hem' ;)

I will be attempting another dress with another really cute fabric.  It’s called Appleville.. Designed by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman.  I can already picture it done.. I’ll aim for a similar style dress to the other, but will attempt the lot by myself…. Maybe??!! Haha!
Appleville Fabric.... CUTE!!! ♥

I must also share about my new purchase… They’re super cute and adorable and a little old fashioned… I bought Bloomers!!! I know, a little mad but VERY me!!! Bought from a lovely Etsy shop called Icing Sugar (decorarockstar) They arrived super quick and packaged really lovely too! I wore them to the Craft fayre we were at on Saturday underneath my Christmas dress, over some brown tights… and they did look sweet! Hopefully when I get to wear the outfit again, I’ll get some decent pictures :) … Anyway, Here’s a pic of the bloomers…
BLOOMERS!!!!!! ♥

Seeing as my Mum helped me so much with my dress, I really think you should head over to my Mum’s Facebook page… It’s Bloomin’ Myrtle …. You will LOVE it… She’s a brilliant sewer and my inspiration. She’s got some fab new Christmas stuff coming soon too :)
I’ll leave you with my Etsy Treasury ~ Watch the pretties….♥
Enjoy ♥

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Talk about a mad few weeks… I thought my life was pretty hectic before, but for some reason the last few weeks kinda ran away with my time!But I have some time back now and I’m as busy as ever. But I think I should put some order in place to my post or we’re all going to get lost.
I think I’ll start with the Facebook Fan page and my Webshop Birthdays… My fan page has been going for 3 years now and my webshop 1 year. It’s VERY exciting! I had a little bit of a celebration offering a special Birthday code in my etsy shop. Although that has finish now I am working on something special and important. I’ll get to that soon.
That kind of leads on to TREASURiES!!!!
Not only have I been creating some super cute treasuries, but I’ve been featured in a couple… The links to Which are below.. Please go check them out, leave a comment or investigate the items even more closely.. they’re GREAT!!
It’s My Birthday… CELEBRATE (Special Birthday treasury for Fan page and webshop)
Another Sunny Day
Every Cloud has a Gold Lining… (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day – Get Well Soon! … (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day …(one I’m featured in)
Talk about busy… I have also been working on some more Christmas things and have something super cute… The RAiNBOW GLiTTER CHRiSTMAS TREE!!! I am very excited by this… and although the picture is ok, it really doesn’t show just how glittery it is. It’s a little bit bigger than my other trees too. I’ve varnished it to protect the colour and the glitter and to give it a high gloss smooth finish.. ♥
Rainbow Glitter Christmas Tree

I also have some Christmas plushies done too.. but you can visit my fan page to see those.. the link is at the top of the page ;)
AND… To keep with the Christmas theme… I have my Christmas dress cut out and ready to sew…. very excited… I should be sewing it together on Thursday morning, ready for the 1st Christmas craft Fair of the season this Saturday. I’ll have pictures from the fair… I hope!
BLIMEY!!! Out of breath now..!! Maybe I won’t leave it so long next time and bring more bite size chunks eh?
I’ll leave you with this and a Happy November 1st!!!
Borrowed from the internet ♥

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lets Go Nutty!!

I got pretty excited this week when I found out that it’s Squirrel Awareness Month! I’ve always been a fan of nature and stuff.. and woodland animals rank pretty high in that. I remember as a child, going with my Mum, Nan and Aunty to visit my Grandad’s grave. Walking through the cemetery we would collect acorns and pine cones and lookout for squirrels and hares.. For this reason alone they have held a very special place in my heart.
Let’s face it.. Squirrels are mega cute. Their tiny little paws and bushy tails and cheeky nature are completely fascinating. What I love most is the way they gather their food and run off with it and hide, like you’re going to try to steal it.
I thought I’d put together a little treasury about it all. These great little creatures deserve it. You can find it HERE. It took me a while to put it together and I could have made loads of treasuries, so be sure to look for squirrel stuff on there :)
I also have this beauty on my website
Possibly maybe necklace
Possibly Maybe Necklace
The picture isn’t great quality I’m afraid, but it’s a very pretty necklace you can buy it HERE
Happy Squirrel Awareness Month ♥♥

Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to smile and get creative ♥

I have real trouble getting motivated sometimes. Honestly, I wake up sometimes and it feels like pulling teeth just to get the day started. This week has been a little bit different.
I’ve made some lists of orders that need completing and tasks I’d like to do, I’ve been sorting somethings out and reorganizing. To be honest, I’ve been rather productive and I’ve surprised myself.
One thing I completed was the children’s jewellery. Not that much need completing, but they now have the little NFP shrink plastic tags at the end of the extender chain. They’re pretty impressive. This is a baby bracelet that I’ve made.
I also caught up on my shrink plastic designs. I’ve had these drawn up and coloured in for a few weeks, but only got around to completing them yesterday. Here are some of the designs

Christmas Puddings

Kawaii Acorns
I made some up into designs already..

Wrap Up Warm Bracelet

A Pink Christmas - Necklace
They’re looking brilliantly cute and funky!!
I also put together an Etsy Treasury on Friday! After waking up in a rather grumpy mood I soon felt guilty when I found out it was World Smile Day *hangs head in shame* So I decided to make up for it I’d create a super smiley Treasury. Head over and take a peek.. It’s a little bit late but it’s always good to smile anyway.. Find it HERE!!
To carry on with my creativity I ordered some fabric in order to make myself a Christmas Outfit!! *Dun! Dun! Dun!* I am excited and nervous.. this will be my first attempt at clothing, but my Mum is going to help me cause she’s great at things like that :) I’ll definitely be sharing pictures with that project but you may have to wait a couple of weeks.
Happy Sunday and have a great rest of the week!! ♥

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Sooooo, I compiled a super cute Etsy Treasury List!! I thought I'd start with something sweet and girly and I'm really happy with the result.

It's a compilation of cute things I've found over the last few weeks ~ most of which can be found in my 'favourite items' on etsy too! I also have a few favourite shops on there too.. and although I don't always get the chance to buy from them, I adore their makes and decided to share them... Among hese shops you will find TwinkieChan, Kittypinkstars, The Sunshine Daisy, Aselfportrait, Em&sprout and Rubbishtees. I've also discovered more shops, which I think I will be visiting a lot.

I hope that I will manage to get my etsy shop up and running again soon. I'm working on some 'etsy special' collections which will include kawaii jewellery, bows and and some felt plushie friends.. The felt plushie friends will be rather exclusive and on the whole quite rare.

For now you can find me at the following places

If you're a fan on Facebook you could be in with a chance of winning a cute bow too!!

I'll update you about my guinea pigs soon!!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Catching up!

Yes, in trying my hardest to play catch up! All my original plans for this year have gradually gone to pot. I really ought to get and keep a diary. I used to use my Filofax all tge time, but since the insert for the year were over £8, I haven't bothered. I suppose that will teach me!!!

The last few weeks have been hectic. Apart from working and feeling I'll, an extra fair was thrown in too. But getting on track hasn't been too bad! I've managed to sew a lot of bows, create a few new pieces of jewellery, attempt crochet and amigurumi, as well as other things too!

I've decided that I should try my best to blog once a fortnight, as well as compiling some etsy treasuries too! I love seeing what others have made and think it's important to share.

I'll also be sharing some super cute picture of my gorgeous guinea pigs and sharing a bit of their stories. You can expect a super cute post this weekend, with pictures and an adorable etsy treasury :)

Blogs away!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm having a clearout... SALE TIME!!!

Yes yes!! It's time.. After making jewellery for a fair few years I have a fair bit of stock that has built up. So I have put LOADS on folksy!!! Going to put more on over the summer too!


Head over there for some bargains! Most is LESS THAN HALF PRICE for Sterling Silver and gemstone jewellery.

Also I am working on more bows this summer.. Very excited!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Break and Birthday Cake!

July is here... The school holidays are looming! Not that it affects me too much, just that my work patterns will tend to change. We're having a bit of a summer break too!

Since I've been driving, we've spent many weekends at craft fairs and being generally busy! The weekend just gone we had 3 event in 4 days and a wedding party thrown in there too! We're almost worn out, so this weekends fair will be our last for a whole month.

We're hoping the next 4 weeks will allow us to catch up with orders, get cracking with new idea's, update online info etc. For me, I'm looking forward to having some time off! I also have a little project to work on...

I've decided to make my own jewellery pouches. I have woven fabic labels for them, cute rainbow coloured ribbon and some lovely fabrics in mind. I made this prototype the other week, while I was waiting for some things to arrive...

It's not perfect yet, but it gives an idea of what I'm aiming for! They should look great when they're sorted.

I'll also be working on more cute bows, some competitions, giveaways, website offers, sales and much more!

This summer is going to be a busy break... I have my Birthday to pretty much kick it off! This Friday infact! Spending the day with my Mum in Derby, then the evening with my lovely BF and my Family.. Then out on to the town on Saturday night to share some drinks with friends.. Really looking forward to it :)

Anyway I'll leave it at that for now and hopefully will be updating with a much more productive blog in the near future! We'll See!

Saturday, 4 June 2011


cre·a·tiv·i·ty (noun)
1. Runs in ones heart and soul.
2. Helps to define ones personality.
3. The state or quality of being creative.
4. Something that is natural to a person, usually instilled from birth and runs throughout ones life.
5. When one aquires *Creativity* truely, it will never leave and would be impossible to live without.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crafting reviews, tips etc and the future bloggingness!

So, we've established my useless blog techniques... I'm not the best at keeping up with lots, but I have found a few things that should keep my blog going nicely.. I just need a little help from YOU!! 

I've already plastered facebook with this but I'm going to say it here too.I just wondered if any of you crafters have a diy/create your own webshop to sell your items? I'm going to be featuring some in my next blog issue, I want to know about usability, quality, presentation etc... I will feature your webshop and facebook pages etc. Email with subject 'blog: webstore'

This gives me a chance to review sites, promote other crafters, give advice about the different webshops out there etc.. 
Also if you have been Crafting for more than 5 years, it would be handy to get the inside scoop on how you started, craft fair experience etc. Email again with the subject 'blog: crafting history' 

If there is anything crafty YOU think I could include don't hesitate to get in touch... just make sure you head it 'blog: *subject*' or I may think it's spam! Always provide your name, business/crafting name, subject, and link to blog, webshop or facebook page!

I will do my best to write things up within a week, but please be patient. Many thanks

Claudia x

Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a Busy Bee.... Buzzzzzzzzz!

So, I'm back, still not much sewing done though! I did however get around to making a few bows ^_^ so it's not too bad.

Apart from that I've been a busy bee making jewellery, although I spent a fair while waiting for stock to arrive. But here's a little taster of things to come to my website.

I've closed it temporarily for a restock ~ some brand new designs coming! I really excited!

Hoppefully the webshop will be up and running again by 1st May around 10pm, until then there's my folksy shop. Sewing should commence in a few weeks time!

Apart from all the jewellery making, I've been working, and getting used to driving. I almost feel like I've been driving forever, it's a weird sensation, but very good!

Last weekend was my best friends wedding and she looked beautiful! we couldn't make it to the ceremony, but the reception was beautiful. We had a really lovely time. Of course, being the only person that drives I was designated driver, but I didn't mind.

Well, That's all I can think of for now ~ Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

So very behind, but I'm catching up!

Well, my original plans of sewing one thing a week and blogging about it quite clearly went out the window! But in all fairness I have been a rather busy little bee!

First of all we had a craft fair on the 26th of March, almost 3 weeks ago. But to be honest it feels like a lot longer ago than that, I can barely remember it o.O It was a fantastic day ~ Pleasent enough weather, and a lovely turn out!! Thank you to anyone who managed to come, we look forward to seeing you again at the next one!

I also finished my college course the Thursday after the fair. I had been studying the NVQ2 in childcare as an apprentice for the past 21 months. It seems like a long time to be studying, but then a lot has been going on and with the crafting and everything else it almost didn't feel long enough!!! But I feel quite chuffed that I ompleted it and handed it all in. I should be able to go pick my folder up soon too... But the BIG thing is still to come...

... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!!!! Finally! That has also taken me 21 months of lessons (I know a very long time) but something that was one of the most nerve~wracking experiences of my entire life!

I had my test at 11:41 on the morning of Friday 8th of April. To calm my nerves the night before and on the morning before I decided to make some jewellery which really did help, especially as they were really pretty pieces. But still, I was especially nervous. Probably the most nervous I'd ever been. I wasn't this nervous about my exams at school, partly because I didn't feel like they mattered all that much. Driving has been one of the few things I actually cared about passing.

I got picked up for my driving lesson that morning at 10:40, as I left the house all that was whizzing through my head was "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." and what followed was a pretty good lesson. As we pulled up to the test centre I could feel my hands, feet and knees shaking, so much so, that I could barely do anything. Anyway, the examiner came out and that was it.... It had begun. I think I was in shock it had finally arrived for a while. Started with a bay park that went well and then set out!

I don't remember a great deal after that, all a bit of a blur. But after pulling back at the test centre, I remember sitting there. Petrified. The examiner turned to me and said "I'm pleased to tell you, you have passed. It was quite a good drive really." I was in shock. My mind went a little blank. I felt giddy and light headed and saw all these pretty colours infront of my eyes. I think it was a mixture of shock, relief and being overjoyed.

Needless to say for the rest of that day, and the following 3 days I was on a real high. Unbareable really! I went out that afternoon to look at cars but bought (well Adam bought) a car the next day.. I nice little peugeot 307 in blue! Pictures will come soon, Promise!

So, now you know the story of the last few weeks. Hopefully I can get back on track with sewing and stuff in the next week or so and regular blogging will resume!

Thank you for reading :) take care ♥

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Meet Mitsuko

Hello world! I want you to meet someone very special ~ Mitsuko! Mitsuko is one of Kitty's little puffs who has come to live with me! She is a rainbow puff made by the amazing Kitty Pinkstars! You can find them sweetly placed in her lovely little Etsy Shop

Anyway, This is the story of Mitsuko meeting me and my other furry (and one not so furry) friends! You can imagine the excitement of getting home from work on Tuesday Morning and finding my adorable little packet! I quickly rushed and opened it and There she was in all her brightness ~ Mitsuko! Straight away she met all my lovely friends!

Mitsuko Meets Cyril, but Cyril seems rather sleepy... awww >_< Cyril is in his favourite spot (someone elses seat) but he seems quite happy to share with the furry friend! After a quick sniff, he snuggles back down and leaves Mitsuko to meet the rest of the bunch.....

Then Mitsuko meets Martha.. I think They're getting on quite well. Martha gives her a good sniff too and a couple of licks....

Even Goosey is happy to meet her! Mitsuko's going to have lots of friends. Goosey is quite sweet, she chatted with Mitsuko for quite a while and explained about all the mischeif that Cyril and Martha get up to.....

And obviously I had to meet her, she is sat in the palm of my rainbow hand.....

and now time to meet Rum, but only from the other side of the cage! Rum has a tendancy to find fabric quite yummy! I don't think Mitsuko wants her fur being eaten....

So there you have it! Mitsuko has entered my rainbow little world! There's another Picture, but I can't upload it, but will hopefully show you soon! I'm sure she will be joining me on my rainbow adventures of beading and being rather creative...... ♥

Friday, 18 February 2011

I feel super~duper lazy and I'm sorry! All my plan have been scuppered several times over the last few weeks by things that are beyond my control. Little things that throw you out... but Oh well! Never mind! It's the weekend, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy it!

Tomorrow will be my new hair day. I'm going purple! O.o So it will be rather interesting. I'm also hoping to get some sewing in! These cuffs and pendants won't make themselves! I also have some headbands waiting for so elaborate decoration!

I have idea's whizzing round my head it can be hard to keep up with it all, but I have been jotting some things down.. Meanwhile I have been working on my new Bracelet and Necklace designs.
I Love them! They're made with white vinatge glass beads, a mixture of buttons and a charm. I'm really hoping to get some children's ones done as well. The one about has a lovely Bambi charm on it. I shall be adding them to folksy soon.. as last weekend went to pot! :s

I've had a pretty good week though. Monday was quite lovely. I received a big card and a hello kitty bedwarmer for valentines day ^_^ and I also got me a Blackberry (I never thought I'd say that) and since then my week has been lovely for the most part!

But I will leave you with a (not so fantastic) picture of my adorable cat Cyril on Tuesday as I was trying to get some work done! Apparently my bed belongs to him and if I sit on it I have to fuss him. That's the Law!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

oh! Hello Weekend.. How are you?

OK... weekends pretty much here (YAY) I'm rather excited.. as well as all the cute makey stuff I usually get up to, I'll probably be getting me a new phone and some purple hair! I will let you know how that gets on obviously!

I need idea's on what to make ~ although I did get a request for a purse the other week, maybe I should work on that! But I think I'll be designing and making more pendants, and getting some cuff designs on the go too!

I also have some Easter idea's too... still working on some of the putting them together bits, but it should be FAB!!!!

Enough blabbering from me anyway! (for now)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Blabbering to pass the time

Ok, Ok... I know I haven't managed to get into the sewing "zone" this weekend ~ Although I have been beading an awful lot. I do however have the idea's for what I want to make all stored upstairs (my head anyway).

This weekends been a strange one. I have a fab idea for my room trying to make it "more organised" and into a sort of workshop space. It will take a while, but when it's done it should look fan~tas~teeeeeek!

My problem with writing a blog is that I'm completely useless! I honestly never know where to begin properly or what to say. My life doen't seem all that interesting to document it like other people can. I don't have this amazing abilty with words that some people seem to have either, most of the time I feel like I'm stuttering. I'm more of a conversation type of person, face-to-face, etc.. I can work texts or a status and the comments that would follow. Maybe if I explain my bloging flaws now, you will forgive me for my future errors.

Please, Please give me more idea's on what I could blog about.. I would be eternally grateful :)

Well I'm off to paint my nails and start planning my projects a bit better!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Project 52 ~ week 3

Originally uploaded by NiNEFRUiTSPiE
These, I'm afraid, still aren't finished :S I'm useless I know, but I need some stuffing and I just don't have any yet!

My plan for these double sided felt stars is to stuff them a little and put them on sticks so they're like fairy wands, and to make them in all different colours too.. these are green one side and purple the other!

I will hopefully have week 1 finished completely soon. He looks a little silly un~stuffed, so when I get me stuffing, it will be all good!

Come back soon, I'll probably have some more cute things to share when you do :)

Project 52 ~ week 4

Originally uploaded by NiNEFRUiTSPiE
This whole project 52 thing has taken me a while to get off the ground.. it's not that I haven't been sewing or anything ~ but finishing things can be a right pain!

Anyway I managed to get this done ~ It's my new design of pendants. This is the pendant protoype for my "messy jewellery" range. The jewellery will be focusing on fabric as its theme but with addes buttons and beads and pretty much anything else I can find.

This Pendant has orange felt as the base, Yellow flower ribbon for the "bail" (or what would be a bail) Then I've used bright Japanese fabric on top with cute buttons. It is backed with yellow flowery fabric too!

I feel like I'm waffling now and I still have to post last weeks project :S

Back soon!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Feeling Scrummy!

Hiya all! How are you today? Hope you are all feeling yummy and scrummy this weekend!

I have some yummy things to share this week.. Like these earrings! Buttons and Cakes are a fab combination I think. I've made a grand total of 5 pairs all in different colours available on my folksy shop at £2.00 a pair.

I also had a parcel of pretty fabric arrive today ready for more projects. I'm excited yet a little nervous about using it, as it is so pretty I don't want to spoil it :/

Anyway.. Have a fab weekend and I'll be posting some more project 52 goodness very soon :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Project 52 - the beginning

Well, I finally took some pictures, they're no fantastic, but I have made a start.. It still needs to be put together, but its going to be a really cute bow, on a headband (still need the headband) and I'm hoping to get more cute fabric and make a few of these beauties, got lots of ideas ;)

And then I made this! A pretty flower brooch and I might make more of these, but we'll see how things go.. Still need to finish another project too, so hopefully by next week I'll have plenty to show you :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Meet Poppy!

This is Poppy! My cute and adorable friend, bought for me by my amazing twinnie!

My Twinnie (Sophiewoo) put her together for me at the build a bear shop.. she has a rainbow dress and Fairy wings and the most cutest pair of pink sparkly shoes! I hope to get more little pictures of her to show you soon as I'm hoping we go on many more adventures together!

Friday, 14 January 2011

And another week has passed..

I can tell you this ~ When you are me, time disappears, normal plans fly away and can often be replaced with food and procrastination. I feel like I have not kept to anything so far, but getting everything straight after the Christmas holidays is taking a little longer.

I will finish the sewn pieces I started, hopefully this weekend. If all goes well I'll make something else as well!

I WILL be ordering some fabric too.. got some pretty and funky stuff in mind, and some lovely plans for them so the next few weeks will be amazing in the making and creating department!

I will be taking a picture of my little friend to show you all too, well I say little, she's quite big and cute! She is extra special because my twinnie bought her for me!

Just thought I'd better put something before I laspe into complete laziness!

TTFN ~ TaTaForNow! ♥

Friday, 7 January 2011

Project 52

So... I don't really blog very often. Well not "proper" blogging anyway.. I tumble alot ~ but that consists of me making very short statements about not a lot of interesting stuff and reblogging every cute or funny picture that I like.

I rarely write a post of any substance, mainly because I never know what to write. I'm not fantastic with words or being organised, so the 2 of them together added with my persisitant blogging laziness has made my blog a bit of a disaster previously!

My aim for 2011 is to be a little more organised, pay abit more attention and to take a leap and do something even if its scary. I can cope with rides at Alton Towers no problem ~ Real life is a whole different ball game. So I have got together a little project for me to undertake ~ Project 52

Because I don't get a great deal of time to do something daily I am setting weekly tasks. Sew at least 1 thing a week, take at least 1 photo a week, blog more and hopefully follow at least 1 new blog a week (either on here, tumblr, fb etc)I am hoping this will help me be a bit more confident and get to know new people and all that sort of stuff! I might not write a great deal, but please say hi and stuff I just hope you enjoy it ♥