Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Meet Mitsuko

Hello world! I want you to meet someone very special ~ Mitsuko! Mitsuko is one of Kitty's little puffs who has come to live with me! She is a rainbow puff made by the amazing Kitty Pinkstars! You can find them sweetly placed in her lovely little Etsy Shop

Anyway, This is the story of Mitsuko meeting me and my other furry (and one not so furry) friends! You can imagine the excitement of getting home from work on Tuesday Morning and finding my adorable little packet! I quickly rushed and opened it and There she was in all her brightness ~ Mitsuko! Straight away she met all my lovely friends!

Mitsuko Meets Cyril, but Cyril seems rather sleepy... awww >_< Cyril is in his favourite spot (someone elses seat) but he seems quite happy to share with the furry friend! After a quick sniff, he snuggles back down and leaves Mitsuko to meet the rest of the bunch.....

Then Mitsuko meets Martha.. I think They're getting on quite well. Martha gives her a good sniff too and a couple of licks....

Even Goosey is happy to meet her! Mitsuko's going to have lots of friends. Goosey is quite sweet, she chatted with Mitsuko for quite a while and explained about all the mischeif that Cyril and Martha get up to.....

And obviously I had to meet her, she is sat in the palm of my rainbow hand.....

and now time to meet Rum, but only from the other side of the cage! Rum has a tendancy to find fabric quite yummy! I don't think Mitsuko wants her fur being eaten....

So there you have it! Mitsuko has entered my rainbow little world! There's another Picture, but I can't upload it, but will hopefully show you soon! I'm sure she will be joining me on my rainbow adventures of beading and being rather creative...... ♥

Friday, 18 February 2011

I feel super~duper lazy and I'm sorry! All my plan have been scuppered several times over the last few weeks by things that are beyond my control. Little things that throw you out... but Oh well! Never mind! It's the weekend, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy it!

Tomorrow will be my new hair day. I'm going purple! O.o So it will be rather interesting. I'm also hoping to get some sewing in! These cuffs and pendants won't make themselves! I also have some headbands waiting for so elaborate decoration!

I have idea's whizzing round my head it can be hard to keep up with it all, but I have been jotting some things down.. Meanwhile I have been working on my new Bracelet and Necklace designs.
I Love them! They're made with white vinatge glass beads, a mixture of buttons and a charm. I'm really hoping to get some children's ones done as well. The one about has a lovely Bambi charm on it. I shall be adding them to folksy soon.. as last weekend went to pot! :s

I've had a pretty good week though. Monday was quite lovely. I received a big card and a hello kitty bedwarmer for valentines day ^_^ and I also got me a Blackberry (I never thought I'd say that) and since then my week has been lovely for the most part!

But I will leave you with a (not so fantastic) picture of my adorable cat Cyril on Tuesday as I was trying to get some work done! Apparently my bed belongs to him and if I sit on it I have to fuss him. That's the Law!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

oh! Hello Weekend.. How are you?

OK... weekends pretty much here (YAY) I'm rather excited.. as well as all the cute makey stuff I usually get up to, I'll probably be getting me a new phone and some purple hair! I will let you know how that gets on obviously!

I need idea's on what to make ~ although I did get a request for a purse the other week, maybe I should work on that! But I think I'll be designing and making more pendants, and getting some cuff designs on the go too!

I also have some Easter idea's too... still working on some of the putting them together bits, but it should be FAB!!!!

Enough blabbering from me anyway! (for now)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Blabbering to pass the time

Ok, Ok... I know I haven't managed to get into the sewing "zone" this weekend ~ Although I have been beading an awful lot. I do however have the idea's for what I want to make all stored upstairs (my head anyway).

This weekends been a strange one. I have a fab idea for my room trying to make it "more organised" and into a sort of workshop space. It will take a while, but when it's done it should look fan~tas~teeeeeek!

My problem with writing a blog is that I'm completely useless! I honestly never know where to begin properly or what to say. My life doen't seem all that interesting to document it like other people can. I don't have this amazing abilty with words that some people seem to have either, most of the time I feel like I'm stuttering. I'm more of a conversation type of person, face-to-face, etc.. I can work texts or a status and the comments that would follow. Maybe if I explain my bloging flaws now, you will forgive me for my future errors.

Please, Please give me more idea's on what I could blog about.. I would be eternally grateful :)

Well I'm off to paint my nails and start planning my projects a bit better!