Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Sooooo, I compiled a super cute Etsy Treasury List!! I thought I'd start with something sweet and girly and I'm really happy with the result.

It's a compilation of cute things I've found over the last few weeks ~ most of which can be found in my 'favourite items' on etsy too! I also have a few favourite shops on there too.. and although I don't always get the chance to buy from them, I adore their makes and decided to share them... Among hese shops you will find TwinkieChan, Kittypinkstars, The Sunshine Daisy, Aselfportrait, Em&sprout and Rubbishtees. I've also discovered more shops, which I think I will be visiting a lot.

I hope that I will manage to get my etsy shop up and running again soon. I'm working on some 'etsy special' collections which will include kawaii jewellery, bows and and some felt plushie friends.. The felt plushie friends will be rather exclusive and on the whole quite rare.

For now you can find me at the following places

If you're a fan on Facebook you could be in with a chance of winning a cute bow too!!

I'll update you about my guinea pigs soon!!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Catching up!

Yes, in trying my hardest to play catch up! All my original plans for this year have gradually gone to pot. I really ought to get and keep a diary. I used to use my Filofax all tge time, but since the insert for the year were over £8, I haven't bothered. I suppose that will teach me!!!

The last few weeks have been hectic. Apart from working and feeling I'll, an extra fair was thrown in too. But getting on track hasn't been too bad! I've managed to sew a lot of bows, create a few new pieces of jewellery, attempt crochet and amigurumi, as well as other things too!

I've decided that I should try my best to blog once a fortnight, as well as compiling some etsy treasuries too! I love seeing what others have made and think it's important to share.

I'll also be sharing some super cute picture of my gorgeous guinea pigs and sharing a bit of their stories. You can expect a super cute post this weekend, with pictures and an adorable etsy treasury :)

Blogs away!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm having a clearout... SALE TIME!!!

Yes yes!! It's time.. After making jewellery for a fair few years I have a fair bit of stock that has built up. So I have put LOADS on folksy!!! Going to put more on over the summer too!


Head over there for some bargains! Most is LESS THAN HALF PRICE for Sterling Silver and gemstone jewellery.

Also I am working on more bows this summer.. Very excited!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Break and Birthday Cake!

July is here... The school holidays are looming! Not that it affects me too much, just that my work patterns will tend to change. We're having a bit of a summer break too!

Since I've been driving, we've spent many weekends at craft fairs and being generally busy! The weekend just gone we had 3 event in 4 days and a wedding party thrown in there too! We're almost worn out, so this weekends fair will be our last for a whole month.

We're hoping the next 4 weeks will allow us to catch up with orders, get cracking with new idea's, update online info etc. For me, I'm looking forward to having some time off! I also have a little project to work on...

I've decided to make my own jewellery pouches. I have woven fabic labels for them, cute rainbow coloured ribbon and some lovely fabrics in mind. I made this prototype the other week, while I was waiting for some things to arrive...

It's not perfect yet, but it gives an idea of what I'm aiming for! They should look great when they're sorted.

I'll also be working on more cute bows, some competitions, giveaways, website offers, sales and much more!

This summer is going to be a busy break... I have my Birthday to pretty much kick it off! This Friday infact! Spending the day with my Mum in Derby, then the evening with my lovely BF and my Family.. Then out on to the town on Saturday night to share some drinks with friends.. Really looking forward to it :)

Anyway I'll leave it at that for now and hopefully will be updating with a much more productive blog in the near future! We'll See!