Sunday, 30 January 2011

Project 52 ~ week 3

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These, I'm afraid, still aren't finished :S I'm useless I know, but I need some stuffing and I just don't have any yet!

My plan for these double sided felt stars is to stuff them a little and put them on sticks so they're like fairy wands, and to make them in all different colours too.. these are green one side and purple the other!

I will hopefully have week 1 finished completely soon. He looks a little silly un~stuffed, so when I get me stuffing, it will be all good!

Come back soon, I'll probably have some more cute things to share when you do :)

Project 52 ~ week 4

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This whole project 52 thing has taken me a while to get off the ground.. it's not that I haven't been sewing or anything ~ but finishing things can be a right pain!

Anyway I managed to get this done ~ It's my new design of pendants. This is the pendant protoype for my "messy jewellery" range. The jewellery will be focusing on fabric as its theme but with addes buttons and beads and pretty much anything else I can find.

This Pendant has orange felt as the base, Yellow flower ribbon for the "bail" (or what would be a bail) Then I've used bright Japanese fabric on top with cute buttons. It is backed with yellow flowery fabric too!

I feel like I'm waffling now and I still have to post last weeks project :S

Back soon!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Feeling Scrummy!

Hiya all! How are you today? Hope you are all feeling yummy and scrummy this weekend!

I have some yummy things to share this week.. Like these earrings! Buttons and Cakes are a fab combination I think. I've made a grand total of 5 pairs all in different colours available on my folksy shop at £2.00 a pair.

I also had a parcel of pretty fabric arrive today ready for more projects. I'm excited yet a little nervous about using it, as it is so pretty I don't want to spoil it :/

Anyway.. Have a fab weekend and I'll be posting some more project 52 goodness very soon :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Project 52 - the beginning

Well, I finally took some pictures, they're no fantastic, but I have made a start.. It still needs to be put together, but its going to be a really cute bow, on a headband (still need the headband) and I'm hoping to get more cute fabric and make a few of these beauties, got lots of ideas ;)

And then I made this! A pretty flower brooch and I might make more of these, but we'll see how things go.. Still need to finish another project too, so hopefully by next week I'll have plenty to show you :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Meet Poppy!

This is Poppy! My cute and adorable friend, bought for me by my amazing twinnie!

My Twinnie (Sophiewoo) put her together for me at the build a bear shop.. she has a rainbow dress and Fairy wings and the most cutest pair of pink sparkly shoes! I hope to get more little pictures of her to show you soon as I'm hoping we go on many more adventures together!

Friday, 14 January 2011

And another week has passed..

I can tell you this ~ When you are me, time disappears, normal plans fly away and can often be replaced with food and procrastination. I feel like I have not kept to anything so far, but getting everything straight after the Christmas holidays is taking a little longer.

I will finish the sewn pieces I started, hopefully this weekend. If all goes well I'll make something else as well!

I WILL be ordering some fabric too.. got some pretty and funky stuff in mind, and some lovely plans for them so the next few weeks will be amazing in the making and creating department!

I will be taking a picture of my little friend to show you all too, well I say little, she's quite big and cute! She is extra special because my twinnie bought her for me!

Just thought I'd better put something before I laspe into complete laziness!

TTFN ~ TaTaForNow! ♥

Friday, 7 January 2011

Project 52

So... I don't really blog very often. Well not "proper" blogging anyway.. I tumble alot ~ but that consists of me making very short statements about not a lot of interesting stuff and reblogging every cute or funny picture that I like.

I rarely write a post of any substance, mainly because I never know what to write. I'm not fantastic with words or being organised, so the 2 of them together added with my persisitant blogging laziness has made my blog a bit of a disaster previously!

My aim for 2011 is to be a little more organised, pay abit more attention and to take a leap and do something even if its scary. I can cope with rides at Alton Towers no problem ~ Real life is a whole different ball game. So I have got together a little project for me to undertake ~ Project 52

Because I don't get a great deal of time to do something daily I am setting weekly tasks. Sew at least 1 thing a week, take at least 1 photo a week, blog more and hopefully follow at least 1 new blog a week (either on here, tumblr, fb etc)I am hoping this will help me be a bit more confident and get to know new people and all that sort of stuff! I might not write a great deal, but please say hi and stuff I just hope you enjoy it ♥