Saturday, 11 October 2008

so... i have a job.... FINALLY!

I tell you what i ain't half glad i've got something! Dang dole money! But now i dunna have to worry so much cus i are going to be a child minders assistant.... when everythink is sorted and stuff! woo!
I can't wait really. It aint loads of hours but it'll earn me a ickle bit and i can carry on making me jewellery and stuff!

well i thought i'd let ya know and hopefully i'll keep you all filled in on how its all going and put new piccies up soon! yay! go me!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I need lace, and more beads, and some felt, and some pearls, and some more silver stuff, and oooh! the money to buy them with!

I will start this particular post with the words "Bah, Humbug!". Well i would have done if I hadn't spent the time explaining that! (what??!!) Anyway, I have decided it really does suck not having any pennies! Especially when you have a list from here (my hand) to there (somewhere reallly really far away). I have far too many ideas in my head that I need to make to not have pennies!

Luckily a nice lady in a near by town has took on a couple of my sets. One of the sets being featured just here! Its made from a lot of Bali Sterling Silver, Pink Hemimorphite and Flashy hypersthene. I thought the set looked rather "boutiquey", which is probably a word I have just made up, but i plan that by the end of 2008 it will be in the dictionary. If it isn't I will complain.

The other set was yet another personal favourite, but i never got round to taking any pictures :( but it was pretty and unusual and hopefully some pretty lady will buy it! That one was made from chrysocolla, canelian, glass beads and Bali sterling silver. The lovely thing about that particular set was the clasps were dragonfly toggle clasps, really pretty and different. I want more! lol!

I have a few more ideas though of using more ribbons and lace in my jewellery! The pieces I have made with ribbon have been a real hit, and I have only a few left. One which is on etsy, and the other on our website. But I am almost out of ribbon, and have no lace (although i have asked my mum ;) ).
But I am running low on soooooooooooo much stock you wouldn't believe. I really could do with more pearls, more sterling silver bits and bobs, lace, ribbon, everything! (well there are only a few bits i'm running low on, the rest i just consider my self to not have enough of). I did consider starting my own "donate to NFP to help her make Amazingly pretty jewellery" Fund. but somehow i don't think its gonna happen anytime soon. which is a shame. Oh Well!
I have a couple of wedding shops interested, so i shall work on those piccy's in the next few weeks and hopefully we shall see some really pretty stuffs! yay!

Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm now on etsy!!! woo!

Well, I've finally got around to making myself an etsy shop. not everything is on yet, but hopefully i will have between 10 and 15 in a week or so! But what a week it has been.

Today, I took a lovely trip to a near by town, in hope to either find a new job, or some place to sell some jewellery. Hopefully i have found both. got a few application forms to fill in and c.v's to give out etc. But I still needed to find an outlet for my jewellery. In this lovely town there's a few "posh" shops. So I pulled my socks up, grit my teeth and was presently surprised. In the 3 most likely shop to take on independent designers all 3 showed an interest. I'm not expecting all 3 to accept, but even if one did that would be grand!

Well, I hope you visit my etsy shop and enjoy what you see. and if you think there's something i am missing from it. let me know! thank you

Claudia xxxx

Sunday, 20 July 2008

My attempt to pull my socks up has begun! I think...

I have recently noticed (this is a lie i noticed a long time ago but couldn't be bothered to do anything about it) that i have neglected my blog. This was not deliberate, but very lazy of me (i will argue at this point that laziness is a medical condition hense the reason it's not deliberate). However over the last few weeks or so i have been given a large perscription of "get off your backside and do something about it girl" pills. They do leave a slightly sour, but refreshing taste and although you may still not feel like doing anything remotely constructive, they make you!

This is partly the reason i have decided to blog again on a regular basis (well hopefully). I am going to start using my blog a bit like an online portfolio. Obviously with added extra's like sarcasm, rainbows, jelly sweets, cupcakes, moaning, faffing, spelling mistakes and not actually doing what i'm supposed to be doing!

So to begin here i have a necklace made with Vintage pearl beads and a Bali Sterling silver clasp. I take Beautiful vintage beads from jewellery that has broken and turn them back in to pretty wearable pieces. These particular pearls came from a long necklace where the string had broken and half the clasp was missing. They are quite large beads too, making the necklace nice and bold. I could have tried to mixing them with other beads and dangling stuff from it etc. but i think a classic simple single strand necklace does it justice enough.

I've recently came up with a new design too. knowing my luck its already been done before but it happened sort of by accident. I decided one night to start knitting some wire pieces for brooches. I was actually aiming for a sort of oblong shape, but thats not what the wire wanted to do, it was a wiggly shape instead! but then a brain wave occurred. It wiggled in such a way i could mold it into the shape of a dress. So thats what i did. Then i added pretty vintage beads for edging, waist band and pattern. Eventually i turned it into a brooch! And this is what it looks like done. None of the pictures i've taken give it justice, and i took lots. But it gives you a taste of what the real thing is like.

Anyway, until i can get more pictures sorted and taken i shall depart.

God Bless


Sunday, 6 April 2008

i'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!

Crikey! I have left it an awfully long time since my last post. Too long. But there has been a lot going on and wotnot. We now have the shop website up and running. We still have a lot of products to add but there are a few bits to buy on there, which is the main thing, and because there is the basis for it there, it means we HAVE to keep it up to date. But because I've been so busy sorting bits for that, and trying to get my room sorted to decorate, I kinda forgot to update this.

Well anyway. I'm getting quite excited about Pentecost. I sorted my outfit out weeks ago as well as my hair do! Yes thats right, I have a special outfit and Pentecost hair. It's my thing to do every year. This years colour scheme is bright orange and blue. My inspiration came from a dress I bought from monsoon earlier this year. It's white, orange and blue. And it was in the sale, for a fiver! I almost wet myself. So obviously I had to buy it. Because the weather has not been the best yet, I haven't had a chance to wear it as it is quite summery. So i decided to save it for Pentecost and match my hair and jewellery with it.

I do my hair as a witnessing tool. People tend to ask me questions why I've done my hair etc and I tell them its for Pentecost etc. and you get my drift! My hair will be plaited all over and wrapped in blue and orange wool! it looks quite funky and makes quite an impact.

My jewellery will be made from matching dyed jade beads, seed beads and buttons. I will be working on that in the next few weeks! As well as trying to decorate my room.

My bedroom is currently in very girly pink, purple and silver, but thats getting a bit wearing now. And my bed is in a cupboard sort of thing which I have to climb on to. It's partly the reason I stay up late. I just cant be bothered to climb into bed. It's too much effort. Anyhoo, I will sort have a normal wooden frame bed and have pastel pink and aqua walls with red gloss work, should look lovely.

I've had to book a week off work to try and get it done, but there is so much stuff in the room, it will probably take a few weeks longer! :0

Got to go sort some beads and stuff out, could really do with making a few more bits and bobs!


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