Friday, 7 December 2007

such a long time!

woah! i can't believe its been sooooo long since i last posted anything. i really have neglected my blog! so much has happened since the last time i posted, but i won't go to detail. well not at the minute anyway.

Just going to leave a poem!

And even through my heart felt tears
My dark dreams and all my fears
You find a way to light my path
to stop my falling hand

My stumbling foot doesn't carry on
But stops as you hold out your arm
My head is held like a child
my wounds are healed again

And when my past decides to haunt
My foes and woes distaught my thoughts
My heart in anguish for those day
when I forgot your name

You cradle me and hold me tight
Remind me I laid rest to ghosts
My lifeis new, I'm fresh, Forgiven
my stains washed from my cloak

Though hurt and pain I still feel now
You puut joy in my heart
To flee from what I was
to become a new creation

I will lay down my tortured soul
That through all faults of my own
Mistreated myself and all my friends
the soul was selfish and with revenge

My hastey marks and actions left
The bruises on my neighbours cry
And sorrow that i gave in vain
to leave them empty with all scorn

But then to learn of your great love
Oh rescue me from my own mind
And as I left my ruined soul
at the foot of your cross

On which you bore my shame and sin
Wept and bled to gain my heart
Bought eternity for me
serving even in your death

The ransom on my life is paid
The lamb has conquered deaths foul stench
For those who would all have faith
in his most precious name

Healed, Washed, Forgiven.


hopefully i will manage to keep a bit more up to date in the future! i will get some pictures of my new guinea pigs etc. they are so cute, Agnus and Freda.

And also some personal studies on the fruits of the Spirit.

hugs and blessings!



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