Sunday, 29 January 2012

Funny Old Week

What a funny old week it has been.. But a good one.
Being a bit of a recluse I never usually get out and about to see my friends much. This week I have had a chance to see a few friends I’ve not seen in ages.. It was really great to have a good catch up with them.
Apart from the socializing, my ninja’s had a manicure.. Yes their first claw clipping.. Bless them, they were ever so good not one figit :)
I also got a chance to take a brief walk through the park and take a few pictures..
Swad Park

Cheeky Little Robin

Cheeky Little Great-Tit

This little bird was shy but also nosy

This is the cut though used by kids to get on to the playground area, I love the way the trees and bushes grow on the steep hill

Ok, So Not only did I take a beautiful walk through the park, but I also Created a couple of treasuries.. As Tuesday was National handwriting day I made THIS treasury as a little tribute… And then this weekend I have couldn’t resist but to make a super sweet sugar candy filled treasury and made THIS treasury full of sugary goodness.. Hope you enjoy them and find lots of yummy shops to look at!! :)
I also FINALLY got around to making these goodies, Sweet Little Hamster Necklaces.. It’s taken a while, but they’re finally available in my ETSY SHOP
Sweet Little Hamster Necklaces

Woah!! Well my Sunday dinner is almost ready, but I’m sure I’ll have more fun stuff to share next week! Happy Sunday!!! ♥

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