Sunday, 5 February 2012

Creativity and Snow

What a BRiLLiANT week!!
A very Creative and POSiTiVE week!!
I got back to the drawing board, so to speak, and making some pretties!!!
Peach Melba button bracelet, Hot and Funky bead and button bracelet, Rainbow bracelet

Easter Earrings on the way to completion

Oranges and Lemon button bracelet, Playful pastimes button bracelet

I also went a bit OLD SCHOOL and got some pony beads out, I made retro style bracelets (well retro to me).. I haven’t made bracelets like this in years and it was really quite refreshing and FUN!!
Pony Beads Bracelets

I also couldn’t resist going through some fabrics I have.. Just refreshing my brain with what I have, and what I want to make with them.. They could really do with a good press, but I’ll get on to that when I get round to getting the sewing machine out :s
Pocket Pixie by Alexander Henry.. Pink Dandelion and Pink Mushroom City

Summersault fabric by Free Spirit. Apricot Raindrops and Cinnamon Pixie Stick

I think the animal one is french, but I can't remember the name off-hand. The bottom one is Appleville by Robert Kaufman Blue Apples

How Pretty are those…. Gorgeous eh? I can’t wait to use them. I also got to catch up with a lovely friend this week, post a few parcels and go out in the snow. This week really has been lovely.
Not the best picture in the world... but it's my shoes.. in the snow!!

 Finally, I made an ultra warm wintry treasury over on Etsy called Hot Chocolate ♥ Hope it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!!
Right I’m heading off, but I hope you all have a truly lovely week ♥

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