Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Welcome to my Nine Fruits Pie

... but its much more than that...

...apart from the nine fruits, this is also a place for bright colours, Beads, Jewellery, Clothes, Music, Funny Stuff, Shoes, E Numbers, and snooze buttons!

Yikes! Look at me, babbling on, I haven't even said who I am. Well My name is Claudia, but most of my friends call me Flo (long story). I do work, but I try not to talk about it. I make beaded jewellery, love shopping, eating, sleeping and that sorta stuff, but I don't want to bore you all with that sorta stuff! I'm sure anyone who reads this will get the kinda person I am quickly!

Well I suppose this post was short and sweet, almost pointless, but not entirely.


1 comment:

Raspberry Grace said...

Lovely blog Claudia!!

God bless, rasp xx