Thursday, 30 August 2007

It's a bit like the olden days....

.... Well, not quite, but I can but dream.

I thought I would go to Stuart's house, and because he's waiting to pick his new car up, I didn't have a lift. So I walked. Thought it would be a great chance to use my iPOD. It was a Pleasant night, not too cold (well it shouldn't be, but the summer we're having...) and not too many chav's. I suppose its also a good excuse to get exercise too.

Anyhow, When I got to Stu's he was playing on his Xbox, but soon came off and we went to watch some telly. Not that there was much on. Just stuff like how to look good in expensive clothes, several programs about actor's trying to portrait real life where things happen that's just stupid, and reality TV, GRRR!

Yes, That's right we ended up watching Big Brother, and the weird and disturbing thing is I found myself laughing at it, which bugs me even more. This was until all the lights went off and the telly faded out and the distant sound of a house alarm could be heard. Ace! a Powercut! I get so excited when things like that happen.

We then went on a mad rush to find our mobile phones. The great thing about these modern jobs is they have lights on them, for the camera use! Then we went on the hunt for some matches, shortly followed by the hunt for candles and last but not least ... ... something to put the candles in! there pretty much sorted. Obviously, then it was time for a nosy out the window to see who else's power had gone out. And it seemed like pretty much everyone in the street.

About 15 minutes later Stuarts Mum gave me a lift home, so we could see who else hadn't got any power. Yikes! It seemed like the whole village. Just the odd street here and there lit up. Those streets almost seemed like Christmas, compared with everywhere else. Driving back was so dark, but it was so exciting. I suppose you forget at times, when your surrounded but street lamps and house lights that not that long ago in history we never had anything like that.

Its exciting and scary to think how far technology has progressed, but also how much we have lost touch with basic survival skills. How would we cope without electricity, gas and fresh water. Without fridges, cookers, batteries, lights, hot water etc... ... but then I suppose it isn't all that far away after all. There are homeless people in this country that have few of those. And if we dare to look a little further, those who have never had those things, who have to walk miles for water, struggle to find food and have little shelter.

I suppose whether its on your doorstep or elsewhere, when having a power cut instead of worrying bout what we might miss for a couple of hours, think of those whose whole life is built around be able to cope without them.


Proverbs 13:23 A poor man's field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away.

Proverbs 14:31 He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

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