Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I need lace, and more beads, and some felt, and some pearls, and some more silver stuff, and oooh! the money to buy them with!

I will start this particular post with the words "Bah, Humbug!". Well i would have done if I hadn't spent the time explaining that! (what??!!) Anyway, I have decided it really does suck not having any pennies! Especially when you have a list from here (my hand) to there (somewhere reallly really far away). I have far too many ideas in my head that I need to make to not have pennies!

Luckily a nice lady in a near by town has took on a couple of my sets. One of the sets being featured just here! Its made from a lot of Bali Sterling Silver, Pink Hemimorphite and Flashy hypersthene. I thought the set looked rather "boutiquey", which is probably a word I have just made up, but i plan that by the end of 2008 it will be in the dictionary. If it isn't I will complain.

The other set was yet another personal favourite, but i never got round to taking any pictures :( but it was pretty and unusual and hopefully some pretty lady will buy it! That one was made from chrysocolla, canelian, glass beads and Bali sterling silver. The lovely thing about that particular set was the clasps were dragonfly toggle clasps, really pretty and different. I want more! lol!

I have a few more ideas though of using more ribbons and lace in my jewellery! The pieces I have made with ribbon have been a real hit, and I have only a few left. One which is on etsy, and the other on our website. But I am almost out of ribbon, and have no lace (although i have asked my mum ;) ).
But I am running low on soooooooooooo much stock you wouldn't believe. I really could do with more pearls, more sterling silver bits and bobs, lace, ribbon, everything! (well there are only a few bits i'm running low on, the rest i just consider my self to not have enough of). I did consider starting my own "donate to NFP to help her make Amazingly pretty jewellery" Fund. but somehow i don't think its gonna happen anytime soon. which is a shame. Oh Well!
I have a couple of wedding shops interested, so i shall work on those piccy's in the next few weeks and hopefully we shall see some really pretty stuffs! yay!

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Elaine said...

Your gorgeous designs have won you a "Creative Blogger" award.

Just pop along to my blog to pick it up. (and put more goodies on Etsy too)

Love and Blessings