Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm now on etsy!!! woo!

Well, I've finally got around to making myself an etsy shop. not everything is on yet, but hopefully i will have between 10 and 15 in a week or so! But what a week it has been.

Today, I took a lovely trip to a near by town, in hope to either find a new job, or some place to sell some jewellery. Hopefully i have found both. got a few application forms to fill in and c.v's to give out etc. But I still needed to find an outlet for my jewellery. In this lovely town there's a few "posh" shops. So I pulled my socks up, grit my teeth and was presently surprised. In the 3 most likely shop to take on independent designers all 3 showed an interest. I'm not expecting all 3 to accept, but even if one did that would be grand!

Well, I hope you visit my etsy shop and enjoy what you see. and if you think there's something i am missing from it. let me know! thank you

Claudia xxxx


Raspberry Grace said...

Etsy is fab, I think you will do really well on there, lots of love and luck to you, Rasp xx

angel said...

The shop is lovely, you need more goodies for us to look at though, it's nearly Christmas, and we NEED presents.