Friday, 7 January 2011

Project 52

So... I don't really blog very often. Well not "proper" blogging anyway.. I tumble alot ~ but that consists of me making very short statements about not a lot of interesting stuff and reblogging every cute or funny picture that I like.

I rarely write a post of any substance, mainly because I never know what to write. I'm not fantastic with words or being organised, so the 2 of them together added with my persisitant blogging laziness has made my blog a bit of a disaster previously!

My aim for 2011 is to be a little more organised, pay abit more attention and to take a leap and do something even if its scary. I can cope with rides at Alton Towers no problem ~ Real life is a whole different ball game. So I have got together a little project for me to undertake ~ Project 52

Because I don't get a great deal of time to do something daily I am setting weekly tasks. Sew at least 1 thing a week, take at least 1 photo a week, blog more and hopefully follow at least 1 new blog a week (either on here, tumblr, fb etc)I am hoping this will help me be a bit more confident and get to know new people and all that sort of stuff! I might not write a great deal, but please say hi and stuff I just hope you enjoy it ♥

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