Friday, 14 January 2011

And another week has passed..

I can tell you this ~ When you are me, time disappears, normal plans fly away and can often be replaced with food and procrastination. I feel like I have not kept to anything so far, but getting everything straight after the Christmas holidays is taking a little longer.

I will finish the sewn pieces I started, hopefully this weekend. If all goes well I'll make something else as well!

I WILL be ordering some fabric too.. got some pretty and funky stuff in mind, and some lovely plans for them so the next few weeks will be amazing in the making and creating department!

I will be taking a picture of my little friend to show you all too, well I say little, she's quite big and cute! She is extra special because my twinnie bought her for me!

Just thought I'd better put something before I laspe into complete laziness!

TTFN ~ TaTaForNow! ♥

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