Wednesday, 13 April 2011

So very behind, but I'm catching up!

Well, my original plans of sewing one thing a week and blogging about it quite clearly went out the window! But in all fairness I have been a rather busy little bee!

First of all we had a craft fair on the 26th of March, almost 3 weeks ago. But to be honest it feels like a lot longer ago than that, I can barely remember it o.O It was a fantastic day ~ Pleasent enough weather, and a lovely turn out!! Thank you to anyone who managed to come, we look forward to seeing you again at the next one!

I also finished my college course the Thursday after the fair. I had been studying the NVQ2 in childcare as an apprentice for the past 21 months. It seems like a long time to be studying, but then a lot has been going on and with the crafting and everything else it almost didn't feel long enough!!! But I feel quite chuffed that I ompleted it and handed it all in. I should be able to go pick my folder up soon too... But the BIG thing is still to come...

... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!!!! Finally! That has also taken me 21 months of lessons (I know a very long time) but something that was one of the most nerve~wracking experiences of my entire life!

I had my test at 11:41 on the morning of Friday 8th of April. To calm my nerves the night before and on the morning before I decided to make some jewellery which really did help, especially as they were really pretty pieces. But still, I was especially nervous. Probably the most nervous I'd ever been. I wasn't this nervous about my exams at school, partly because I didn't feel like they mattered all that much. Driving has been one of the few things I actually cared about passing.

I got picked up for my driving lesson that morning at 10:40, as I left the house all that was whizzing through my head was "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." and what followed was a pretty good lesson. As we pulled up to the test centre I could feel my hands, feet and knees shaking, so much so, that I could barely do anything. Anyway, the examiner came out and that was it.... It had begun. I think I was in shock it had finally arrived for a while. Started with a bay park that went well and then set out!

I don't remember a great deal after that, all a bit of a blur. But after pulling back at the test centre, I remember sitting there. Petrified. The examiner turned to me and said "I'm pleased to tell you, you have passed. It was quite a good drive really." I was in shock. My mind went a little blank. I felt giddy and light headed and saw all these pretty colours infront of my eyes. I think it was a mixture of shock, relief and being overjoyed.

Needless to say for the rest of that day, and the following 3 days I was on a real high. Unbareable really! I went out that afternoon to look at cars but bought (well Adam bought) a car the next day.. I nice little peugeot 307 in blue! Pictures will come soon, Promise!

So, now you know the story of the last few weeks. Hopefully I can get back on track with sewing and stuff in the next week or so and regular blogging will resume!

Thank you for reading :) take care ♥

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