Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a Busy Bee.... Buzzzzzzzzz!

So, I'm back, still not much sewing done though! I did however get around to making a few bows ^_^ so it's not too bad.

Apart from that I've been a busy bee making jewellery, although I spent a fair while waiting for stock to arrive. But here's a little taster of things to come to my website.

I've closed it temporarily for a restock ~ some brand new designs coming! I really excited!

Hoppefully the webshop will be up and running again by 1st May around 10pm, until then there's my folksy shop. Sewing should commence in a few weeks time!

Apart from all the jewellery making, I've been working, and getting used to driving. I almost feel like I've been driving forever, it's a weird sensation, but very good!

Last weekend was my best friends wedding and she looked beautiful! we couldn't make it to the ceremony, but the reception was beautiful. We had a really lovely time. Of course, being the only person that drives I was designated driver, but I didn't mind.

Well, That's all I can think of for now ~ Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend!

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Elaine said...

This has to be one of the most colourful necklaces ever, so pretty !!!

Love & blessings