Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crafting reviews, tips etc and the future bloggingness!

So, we've established my useless blog techniques... I'm not the best at keeping up with lots, but I have found a few things that should keep my blog going nicely.. I just need a little help from YOU!! 

I've already plastered facebook with this but I'm going to say it here too.I just wondered if any of you crafters have a diy/create your own webshop to sell your items? I'm going to be featuring some in my next blog issue, I want to know about usability, quality, presentation etc... I will feature your webshop and facebook pages etc. Email ninefruitspie@hotmail.com with subject 'blog: webstore'

This gives me a chance to review sites, promote other crafters, give advice about the different webshops out there etc.. 
Also if you have been Crafting for more than 5 years, it would be handy to get the inside scoop on how you started, craft fair experience etc. Email again with the subject 'blog: crafting history' 

If there is anything crafty YOU think I could include don't hesitate to get in touch... just make sure you head it 'blog: *subject*' or I may think it's spam! Always provide your name, business/crafting name, subject, and link to blog, webshop or facebook page!

I will do my best to write things up within a week, but please be patient. Many thanks

Claudia x

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