Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crazy for Vintage

Green Vintage

Ok.. So I keep getting later and later with this blogging lark! But I keep having MEGA busy weekends… hopefully this up and coming weekend will be MUCH quieter!
The story behind this weeks vintage treasury was a little trip I took to the charity shop on Monday. I was in my ELEMENT!! I really wished I had more pennies to by things with. I did get my self a Japanese Bobtail (Maneki-Neko), In blue and white china, and it’s a bell!!! So sweet. (sorry the picture isn’t the best!)
Maneki Neko (Japanese Bobtail)

There was also an old military hole pinch… I really wanted it, but literally had no pennies.
I’ve also been getting REALLY creative, and thinking really teeny tiny, and really big, and that’s when I came up with these…
Winter woolies

Over size wooly hat and mini mittens. These will be turned into a necklace very soon and one will be up for grabs next week, in my giveaway!
They’ll be hitting my etsy shop a week later a long with mitten earrings and some new Christmas studs (maybe some clip on earrings too).
I also had to goto derby today, for my meeting with the Princes Trust, all went really well. So well, that I decided to take a wander round town after and buy some net and white fabric. I’m going to make myself an under~dress so the dresses I make will fall just right. I can’t wait to get started! Also planning to catch up and make some bows! Maybe I’m trying to fit too much in before Christmas but hey! I like a challenge!
But for now spread the word, the giveaway will be happening NEXT WEEK!!

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