Sunday, 20 July 2008

My attempt to pull my socks up has begun! I think...

I have recently noticed (this is a lie i noticed a long time ago but couldn't be bothered to do anything about it) that i have neglected my blog. This was not deliberate, but very lazy of me (i will argue at this point that laziness is a medical condition hense the reason it's not deliberate). However over the last few weeks or so i have been given a large perscription of "get off your backside and do something about it girl" pills. They do leave a slightly sour, but refreshing taste and although you may still not feel like doing anything remotely constructive, they make you!

This is partly the reason i have decided to blog again on a regular basis (well hopefully). I am going to start using my blog a bit like an online portfolio. Obviously with added extra's like sarcasm, rainbows, jelly sweets, cupcakes, moaning, faffing, spelling mistakes and not actually doing what i'm supposed to be doing!

So to begin here i have a necklace made with Vintage pearl beads and a Bali Sterling silver clasp. I take Beautiful vintage beads from jewellery that has broken and turn them back in to pretty wearable pieces. These particular pearls came from a long necklace where the string had broken and half the clasp was missing. They are quite large beads too, making the necklace nice and bold. I could have tried to mixing them with other beads and dangling stuff from it etc. but i think a classic simple single strand necklace does it justice enough.

I've recently came up with a new design too. knowing my luck its already been done before but it happened sort of by accident. I decided one night to start knitting some wire pieces for brooches. I was actually aiming for a sort of oblong shape, but thats not what the wire wanted to do, it was a wiggly shape instead! but then a brain wave occurred. It wiggled in such a way i could mold it into the shape of a dress. So thats what i did. Then i added pretty vintage beads for edging, waist band and pattern. Eventually i turned it into a brooch! And this is what it looks like done. None of the pictures i've taken give it justice, and i took lots. But it gives you a taste of what the real thing is like.

Anyway, until i can get more pictures sorted and taken i shall depart.

God Bless



Elaine said...

I've only just seen these photos, they're lovely.

Thought I'd let you know you have an award too, just pop along to my blog to see.

Love and blessings

Raspberry Grace said...

The dress is lovely Claudia, well done!

Love, Rasp xx