Friday, 29 July 2011

Catching up!

Yes, in trying my hardest to play catch up! All my original plans for this year have gradually gone to pot. I really ought to get and keep a diary. I used to use my Filofax all tge time, but since the insert for the year were over £8, I haven't bothered. I suppose that will teach me!!!

The last few weeks have been hectic. Apart from working and feeling I'll, an extra fair was thrown in too. But getting on track hasn't been too bad! I've managed to sew a lot of bows, create a few new pieces of jewellery, attempt crochet and amigurumi, as well as other things too!

I've decided that I should try my best to blog once a fortnight, as well as compiling some etsy treasuries too! I love seeing what others have made and think it's important to share.

I'll also be sharing some super cute picture of my gorgeous guinea pigs and sharing a bit of their stories. You can expect a super cute post this weekend, with pictures and an adorable etsy treasury :)

Blogs away!!!

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