Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to smile and get creative ♥

I have real trouble getting motivated sometimes. Honestly, I wake up sometimes and it feels like pulling teeth just to get the day started. This week has been a little bit different.
I’ve made some lists of orders that need completing and tasks I’d like to do, I’ve been sorting somethings out and reorganizing. To be honest, I’ve been rather productive and I’ve surprised myself.
One thing I completed was the children’s jewellery. Not that much need completing, but they now have the little NFP shrink plastic tags at the end of the extender chain. They’re pretty impressive. This is a baby bracelet that I’ve made.
I also caught up on my shrink plastic designs. I’ve had these drawn up and coloured in for a few weeks, but only got around to completing them yesterday. Here are some of the designs

Christmas Puddings

Kawaii Acorns
I made some up into designs already..

Wrap Up Warm Bracelet

A Pink Christmas - Necklace
They’re looking brilliantly cute and funky!!
I also put together an Etsy Treasury on Friday! After waking up in a rather grumpy mood I soon felt guilty when I found out it was World Smile Day *hangs head in shame* So I decided to make up for it I’d create a super smiley Treasury. Head over and take a peek.. It’s a little bit late but it’s always good to smile anyway.. Find it HERE!!
To carry on with my creativity I ordered some fabric in order to make myself a Christmas Outfit!! *Dun! Dun! Dun!* I am excited and nervous.. this will be my first attempt at clothing, but my Mum is going to help me cause she’s great at things like that :) I’ll definitely be sharing pictures with that project but you may have to wait a couple of weeks.
Happy Sunday and have a great rest of the week!! ♥

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