Sunday, 13 November 2011

And Relax...! For now anyway ;)

And Relax….! I must admit, Sunday night tend to be rather nice for relaxing and having a good gander on the net. Over all a brill chance for me to catch up with blogging. It’s been a busy week again, but so exciting too! I now have tan colour hamsters… :D and I’ve been catching up with shrink plastic orders as well as creating new pieces! This week I should be making some necklaces AND bracelets too! Here are some of the new designs…
Sweet Little Hamsters Earrings - Tan ♥
Toad Stools Before

Lily Lionhead
There are some more too, but I’ll leave them for another time… I spent a long time drawing up the designs to make sure I got them just right and got the look I wanted them to have. I have cats too and if you head to my facebook page you can check some more of the designs out… Next to come is guinea pigs.. My rough copy is ready to go!
I’ve also been making up more button bracelets and adding them to my FOLKSY SHOP!! So be sure to check them out!
Every week I make an Etsy Treasury to share some lovely makes that are out there!!  This weeks theme was ‘Deer’.. Mainly focusing on cute Bambi style deer (I’m saving the reindeer one for a few weeks)… I LOVE animals anyway and woodland creatures are up there at the top… I could do lots of treasuries each week on them… But here is this weeks treasury… ‘Oh! Deer! What can the matter be?
Now I’m spending time drooling over fabric.. I need to stock up ready for making dresses! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a great week to come.. I have a Craft Fair next weekend. Not just any weekend though, Me and My Mum have organised it!! *Eeeeek* So this week will be a mad one, but all good fun! I’ll let you know how it goes…

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