Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Talk about a mad few weeks… I thought my life was pretty hectic before, but for some reason the last few weeks kinda ran away with my time!But I have some time back now and I’m as busy as ever. But I think I should put some order in place to my post or we’re all going to get lost.
I think I’ll start with the Facebook Fan page and my Webshop Birthdays… My fan page has been going for 3 years now and my webshop 1 year. It’s VERY exciting! I had a little bit of a celebration offering a special Birthday code in my etsy shop. Although that has finish now I am working on something special and important. I’ll get to that soon.
That kind of leads on to TREASURiES!!!!
Not only have I been creating some super cute treasuries, but I’ve been featured in a couple… The links to Which are below.. Please go check them out, leave a comment or investigate the items even more closely.. they’re GREAT!!
It’s My Birthday… CELEBRATE (Special Birthday treasury for Fan page and webshop)
Another Sunny Day
Every Cloud has a Gold Lining… (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day – Get Well Soon! … (one I’m featured in)
Sick Day …(one I’m featured in)
Talk about busy… I have also been working on some more Christmas things and have something super cute… The RAiNBOW GLiTTER CHRiSTMAS TREE!!! I am very excited by this… and although the picture is ok, it really doesn’t show just how glittery it is. It’s a little bit bigger than my other trees too. I’ve varnished it to protect the colour and the glitter and to give it a high gloss smooth finish.. ♥
Rainbow Glitter Christmas Tree

I also have some Christmas plushies done too.. but you can visit my fan page to see those.. the link is at the top of the page ;)
AND… To keep with the Christmas theme… I have my Christmas dress cut out and ready to sew…. very excited… I should be sewing it together on Thursday morning, ready for the 1st Christmas craft Fair of the season this Saturday. I’ll have pictures from the fair… I hope!
BLIMEY!!! Out of breath now..!! Maybe I won’t leave it so long next time and bring more bite size chunks eh?
I’ll leave you with this and a Happy November 1st!!!
Borrowed from the internet ♥

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