Sunday, 6 May 2012

Super Hamster Giveaway

So we reached the 2000 mark on the NiNE FRUiTS PiE facebook page (finally) >_< and now it’s time for a super hammy giveaway!
It’s super easy to get involved and be in with a chance of winning! But before I tell you what you need to do to get involved check out whats up for grabs…
Hamster Giveaway prizes
Cool huh? I’ll be doing a draw and there will be 4 lucky winners. The 1st winner will grab a Hamster cuff, Hamster charms and hamster stickers. The 2nd winner will grab the Hamster charms and Hamster stickers, the 3rd and 4th will grab the hamster stickers.
All YOU have to do is comment on the blog post, and SHARE! (there will be a blog post on both wordpress and blogspot so comment on which ever you wish to) All comments must be in by May 12th at 10am gmt and will be drawn later that day.
Now you’re apart of the fun check out this super cute hamster etsy treasury HERE
Have Fun!!


Kitty Pinkstars said...

YAY!!!! I'm gonna share on my blog on Wednesday!! WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

susan said...

Aw. cute giveway. Love it! :D x

Stephanie said...

So cute!!! I shared it on Facebook because I don't have a blog..

Claire bear gordon said...

Awesome claudy boo! These are cute! Off to share on le Facebook xxx

Maggie said...

Ham Hams! OMG So cuuute! I love it!
Shared on FB

and on my blogspot:

<3 <3 <3

Fiona said...

The best hamster story I ever heard was in a book where a liittle boy who had a hamster said that after two years you had right of disposal! Don't get me wrong great fan of hamsters ( I love yours!) but it was funny! :)

Helen Clancy said...

Amazing giveaway!!! I LOVE Hammys!!! Thanks so much I am off to share on my Facebook now xx :0)

The Dakes said...

I really miss having a hammie =( My best memory is my old hamster, who was definitely not a hamster lol. He would stuff his tubes with his bedding, then get huffy cos he couldn't move in his cage. One day he stuffed his wheel with sawdust - to the very brim - then got a sundried cactus and wedged it in the hole as a cork, stood back and looked very proud of himself lol. I miss him x

Joanne smith said...

Awwwww sooo cute and sooooo cool xx

Claudieboo said...

First prize goes to...... KiTTY PiNKSTARS
Second prize goes to ...... STEPHANiE
Third and fourth go to ...... MAGGiE and THE DAKES

Message me with your postage details via the page or email me

WELL DONE!!! Next giveaway at 2250 likes :) ♥