Sunday, 15 July 2012

Loads of fun!

“Cool It” Treasury
Ok, So I know I haven’t been on the ball recently.. It seems keeping up with this blogging lark isn’t as easy as just writing it on my to do list! I also have to think about what I want to write…. NOT my strongest point. I’ve never really been the academic type. BUT I can share pictures, well I’ll do my best.
So my new plan, to take the pressure off my over~reactive brain, is to share;
  • A picture of this weeks treasury
  • At least 1 item from my online shops
  • Some pictures of shenanigans and funky stuff
I’m a little behind with the treasuries (oops) The one above is from July 1st, Celebrating the Ice Lolly!! However the one below, from July 8th,  is celebrating cake. Partly because is was my birthday, but cake is awesome!

“Let Them Eat Cake” Treasury
I had a super day with super gifts and super people (I also watched the Tennis, which was great too). It wouldn’t be right to make a cake treasury, on my birthday if I didn’t have cake myself… My Lovely Nan bought me this cake! It was super yummy and very sweet of her!

My Birthday Cake
Here are some of the presents I got too!

Awesome Skinny Jeans

Fruits Books – I’ve been after these books since they were released, but never got around to buying them!
This weeks treasury is all about Cute kawaii clothing. I adore japanese street fashion! I liked it before I even knew about it. I have always been quirky with the way I dress, and was often called “weird” or a “freak” because of it.. Not that I cared, it’s the way I’ve always been, I don’t even have to try! When I discovered the Fruits books I was in awe.. Finally, books filled with “my sort of clothing”.
I used to head to the book shop at breaks and dinner when I was at college, head straight to them and just look through them over and over. But for one reason or another I just never got around to buying them. My lovely Boyfriend bought them me for my birthday this year.. I was so pleased! Better late than never haha!
This treasury has just a small amount of the kawaii clothing I love, but I hope you like it anyway. I’m sure I’ll be doing more reflecting different points of Japanese Street Fashion… Enjoy… ♥

Super Cute Kawaii Clothing!!

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