Monday, 6 August 2012

The Beauty Of Grace

Hey there folks!!
That week sure came around quick, and it’s been a busy one! I’ve been testing glue out for future creations, it’s been successful! So soon I’ll be making and adding rings, brooches and stud earrings to my etsy shop! It’s very exciting :D
Anyway, on with the treasury!
If you spotted my “song of the week” post from yesterday, this treasury sort of follows on from that. It’s called “The Beauty Of Grace”, and you can find it HERE.
The Beauty Of Grace

I’ve also been receiving some really lovely feedback about my jewellery..  It would be great to get more though. Please pop over to and either write on my wall, or message me. I’d appreciate it.  :)
I haven’t been intensely creating this last week, as I’ve been sorting paperwork, searching for glue, working on new business cards and postcards and all sorts. The things I have been making, I haven’t had a chance to photograph. A bit pants I know, Sorry! So I’ll share this set. the colours match the treasury pretty well, and I think it’s rather cute!
Super Cute Bunny Love
Anyway! Off to get my idea’s for rings and things down before they float away into fairy land! Have a great week folks!!
Today’s Outfit.. Muppet Pastel Party!
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