Friday, 7 September 2007

5 Make-up must haves... and why I use them!

I hardly ever wore make up when I was a teenager, I had excellent skin only the odd spot every now and then. I always looked fresh faced. I only really wore make up when going to a party or some thing. Then when I left school and went to college I did wear it more often, but that was more to do with the style of clothing. Thick black eyeliner, dark mascara, vivid pink lipstick, glittery eyeshadow. I was what most people referred to as a 'greb'. That usually means you listen to rock music of some sort and don't dress like a chav!

Now days although I still have some of my 'Greb' gear left, I tend to like pretty things. Pretty skirts and shoes (although I still live in trainers), Dresses, Pretty cardigans, pretty cami's and t-shirts etc. My make-up has also changed to reflect that too. I still wear black mascara and eyeliner, just not so thick. But hear is a small list of my very fave's!

1. no7 foundation/powder - I can't stand being able to feel powder on my face or see a thick orange line. So when I discovered this I just had to have it! It stops me looking tired and even's my skin tone out fab!

2. Brown eyeliner - defines my eyes enough without being too dark and matches almost every colour eye shadow I have

3. Coral colour blusher - this blends well with both pink and peach tone make up (which I'm lucky enough to suit both) saving me £££ buying several!

4. The most natural looking lip gloss I can find. Again matches every tone of make up I'm likely to wear without being too strong. Great for parties or shopping!

5. Last but not least brown/black mascara - if you've noticed yet my list contains things that will blend with many tones and styles and yes, this does too. I'm all out for being able to save a bob or 2. I have very short eye lashes and thick mascara just doesn't look right. I try to go for something dark enough to define my eyes without making them look like I rubbed soot in them!

This may change in a year, depending on what my favourite style will be next! But for now, I really love the style I've found myself in. All quite accidental too! But isn't it fun!


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