Monday, 17 September 2007

Staying creative.... I think!

Wow... what a week! I'm still recovering from the other Saturday. Although that was my 'week off' there was very little rest. This week was back to the grindstone for me, hence the lack of posts.

I found though when I'm busy like that, I still struggle to stay creative. I crave being away from my beads or paper. but then when i get them all out I could be sat there a few hours, just staring at them. It's like I need to touch them, but all creative flair vanishes for awhile.

You can guarantee that when you put everything away or it's very late and you should really be going to bed, then you have a million ideas all whizzing round at once. That's one of my downfall's. About 12 at night, I think I might get an 'early' night but then an awesome idea pops in my head and bam! I have to make stuff. Before you know it, it's 3 in the morning.

If I'm really struggling, I read fashion mags, bead catalogues and often look at fabric etc.

On another note, I bought myself a new coat the other day. It's Awesome! very catwalk like. when I get a chance I will take some pics and pop them on.

Well I ought to get back to being busy. Or trying to be busy. Hopefully I will find even more inspiration soon, make some pretty and original designs and take lots and lots of Pictures! YAY!

Hugs and Blessings


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