Monday, 10 September 2007

What season is it? I honestly can’t tell.

…Anyone who is living in Britain at the moment will probably know what kind of summer we’ve been having. Or not been having, which seems to be the case. The weather has been rather disappointing. I’ve found myself wishing it were Christmas already. But all is not lost at we had a rather lovely BBQ on Saturday night.

If you can remember me saying last week I was going to be rather busy, and I was! I had booked a week of work and I hardly got a rest, but do you know something it was one of the nicest weeks as well as tiring. We had booked our local church hall all day Saturday. We had a small sale in the morning and a sale and BBQ at night, in the hope to raise awareness of our initiative. We had a lot of support from the church where it was held and a few others too.

It was a gorgeous night too. Not roasting hot, but not too cold either. Not too many moths and daddy long legs, and a pleasant evening to be able to chat with almost everyone. A lovely person who has been donating money for our initiative had paid for the BBQ. We thought a BBQ would be a relaxed way of getting our aims across. Meetings are so formal, which can make people tense and that’s not what we are about.

We managed to raise a nice chunk ready for when we have a shop. Which this money will help pay for rent etc. As well as going towards a fully functioning Internet shop too. The next sale on this scale will hopefully be near Christmas. I’m so excited I really can’t wait and although it was a lot of hard work it has really been worth it. People have already begun to place orders for cards and jewellery, so I can see many Large orders being placed to cover them over the next few weeks….

…. Blessings & Hugs



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