Sunday, 30 September 2007

Top 10 to Knowing Me!

I thought I'd let people have a bit more of an insight into what I am like. I've done 10 points. There's alot more than this I could tell you, but then it could make the blog almost pointless and we don't want that! lol! Any way here we go....

1. Faith - My faith has to be the most important thing in my life. Many people already know I'm a Christian and that I go to church. Most people don't realise how seriously I take my faith. I am by no means perfect, Nor will I act as if I am. But I wish I could be and will try (failing many times). I will stand firm for what I believe in and I often argue the point with people. This doesn't mean I disrespect or don't understand other peoples view or that I dislike people with opposing views, but it does mean I will not be swayed from my beliefs, as I guess many of the people will feel the same with their beliefs and values.

2. Caring - I try my best to care for people. I will try my best to be there for people. If they need a shoulder to cry on, someone to moan to, need advice or someone to laugh with. I will try the best I can. Again I'm not perfect and I will make mistakes. Sometimes I'll say the wrong thing and put my foot in it. Sometimes I'm not good enough. Those times I often need a slap, but sometimes I feel vulnerable or not good enough. But I am making a conscious effort to be better!

3. Jewellery - Making jewellery has got to be one of my favourite hobbies/jobs to do. I love making pretty and original designs. I am constantly looking at beads, putting new designs together and deliberating what colours work with what, to make sure I get the best designs I can. I mostly use semi precious gems, Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.

4. Music - I love listening to music. I don't have an absolutely huge CD collection, but enough to see me through. I do own an iPod, so I listen to most stuff through that at the moment. I have quite a few favourite bands really and all seem to be differing in sounds. I mostly listen to Idlewild, Newsboys, Danielson Famile, Jars of Clay, Why?, Camera Obscura, Architecture in Helsinki and Y-Friday. bit of a mish mash there.

5. Christmas, Easter and Pentecost - These have to be my favourite times of the year. Christmas is just ace. I get so excited and I'm usually awake at about 3 in the morning just waiting and too excited to go back to sleep. I never know what I'm going to get so it's always a surprise. But it's not just that I enjoy everything about it. I love buying presents for other people, I love putting the tree up, going to church for the carol service and to top it off the Christmas eve service. That's just wonderful. Easter's as exciting, but we don't go mad with the presents. I think the most distinctive things about Easter is the Good Friday procession through the town and then Easter morning, waking up early and going to Church. Its so wonderful. Then Pentecost. Wow! celebrating Pentecost is great. the coming of the Holy Spirit. This usually means doing something wacky with my hair. It gets people talking and asking questions.

6. Laughter - I love being able to laugh. I sometimes laugh too much and I like laughing at the simple stuff too. I like witty comments and quick comebacks, silly songs and jokes that don't really make sense. Other things that make me laugh are singing out of tune or in a silly voice, dancing around like an idiot, making animal noises and impressions, pretending I'm great and just generally being silly.

7. Watching Films - Some would say I don't watch enough, the odd few may say I watch too many. But really I don't watch loads. I really don't have a huge collection, but I really love watching films. I do have a few favourites, Muppets Christmas carol being top. I love Christmas films, funny films and ones that make me cry. I tend not to watch the latter for that reason. My dad used to laugh when I cried at E.T. so I haven't seen it since I was about 10. If I know a film's going to make me cry I try and watch it on my own.

8. Nerves - Apart from me getting on people this is quite an odd thing of mine. If I see people I know who I've not seen for a while I may not always speak to them, just incase they don't remember me or don't want to remember me. I often think people from school won't want to speak to me ever and things like. People may add me on msn, myspace or facebook or even give me there numbers but until I'm absolutely sure they want to I'll often not speak, Just in case.

9. Dislikes - This is not me trying to put a downer on things and I would urge people not to get put off by my dislikes. Just because I dislike certain things doesn't mean I dislike the people who either like or are into these things. This is often a common mistake made by people who then accuse people with similar dislikes to be 'judgmental'. My first is Harry Potter (sorry folks) just something in my gut says its wrong, besides the fact I feel it promotes witchcraft. Witchcraft is another, but this does not mean I hate witches or want to burn them. I just don't agree with what they do. Some would feel the same about me. Which I suppose leads me to Halloween. I don't like Anne Summer's stuff or things to that ilk, I really don't like moths or daddy long legs and I'm not to keen on compulsive liars!

10. My work - Last but not least! Most people know I work at the Golden Arches, but a lot of people do not know about the 'project' set up but me and my mum. This is what my jewellery making is going towards. We have kind of founded a Christian initiative called Habakkuk. The aims are to provide Christian Information easily to the public in Swadlincote. The information includes things like Church service times and contacts, Christian events, Christian Organisations like the YMCA and Barnardos. We also aim to provide Bibles and Christian tracts (leaflets and booklets) for little or no cost. The work for this will be funded by the sales of Handcrafted Items through the Mustard Seed Gift Shop. We are looking for shop premises at the moment, but that's taking some time.

Sorry if it a bit long, I think I got carried away.

Hugs and Blessings



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