Thursday, 6 September 2007

It's late and I'm hungry....

....It's Just weird. I mean, here I am, sitting in bed on my laptop. I know I should be a sleep because I have a long day tomorrow. But I'm really hungry. I just don't get it. But what's new.

I don't even know what to write about. I started this blog when I had loads of idea's, but you can guarentee that they disappear when it comes to writing them down (well with me it does anyway)

I suppose if I was normal I would have started telling you about where we will be selling from on Saturday and what a faff it's been to try and get everything ready. I have been working on my new labels for my jewellery since Monday and have only just got everything sorted (yes 4 whole days!!!) All because I decided to name them after women in the Bible. I have sorted who is what colour/s and what the labels should sort of look like. I tell you I've been working on that side of it for neaarly 2 months on and off. But That side of it is all sorted... I think!

I started with what I thought the obvious one would be, Sarah - meaning princess. so naturally i picked pink. I went through finding names and trying to match the different colours up to what the nature of them was etc. I think I've done quite well. I won't list the all though, because there's over 30!

I completely got sidetracked there! This Saturday, Mustard Seed Gift Shop (mainly me and my mum at the mo) will be selling our hand crafted goods at the local church hall. We put and Ad in our local newspaper, posters in shops, leaflets to the churches etc. We have so much stuff though we need a shop to store it all in. We are struggling to see most of the floor at home now. Everywhere is covered. And we get given a lot of things too. We are hoping to sell a fair bit just to give us some room back.

We must have getting on for over 1200 handcrafted items, baring in mind most will be unique or a variation on a theme. When we get our shop we will have a few other crafters bits and bobs too. Tomorrow we are taking ALL our goods to the church hall and setting up.

We have also got to prepare for the BBQ we are putting on there at the night time. It's to raise awareness of the project we are doing, to show people our goods and hopefully meet more of the Christian's in the area. Being the area we live in it's quite...erm .... Stubborn. Not too keen on change, Suspicious of anyone doing anything for the first 2 years until they get to know them. As soon as your past that stage your fine though! Very Odd!

So please remember us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. that both the morning sale and evenign BBQ goes well and that positive things are achieved.

Many Blessings and Huge Hugs
x x x x x

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